Wattage Selectable and 3CCT Flood Light


  • Wattage selectable 100%-80%-60%-40%.
  • Maximum wattage options, 15W,27W,40W,65W,90W,120W
  • 3CCT adjustable 3000K/4000K/5000K
  • Two mounting option 1/2″knuckle mount and trunnion mount for the small and medium size; Slipfitter and yoke mount for the large size.
  • 7H x 7V NEMA Beam spread
  • Integrated visor to reduce glare
  • Photocell pre-installed, come with shorting cap to disable the photocell function
  • Suitable for wet location
  • Lumen output selectable:

    15W (Max watt): 943lm, 1,455lm, 1,790lm, 2300lm 

    27W (Max watt): 1,690lm, 2,234lm, 2,856lm, 3,600lm

    40W (Max watt): 2,327lm, 3,356lm, 4,542lm, 5,800lm

    65W (Max watt): 3,936lm, 5,937lm, 7,824lm, 9,400lm

    90W (Max watt): 5,490lm, 8,144lm, 10,535lm, 13,500lm

    120W (Max watt): 8,815lm, 11,206lm, 15,119lm, 18,000lm