Why Liron

About Liron

We specialize in manufacturing well engineered and affordable LED lighting products for today's lighting experts. These high quality products have accommodated commercial business lighting needs, as well as provided all the benefits that LED can offer such as: the elimination timely replacement costs, lowered Colling costs, and less electricity usage. We offer our indoor and outdoor product line throughout electrical distributors in North America.

Meet The Liron Team

Our employees are the foundation of our success. We expect our employees to identify strongly with our vision, mission, our business purpose and our goals. Our employees should distinguish themselves through humor, initiative which radiates to others, constructive joyful will, sense of community, looking forward to the future, a positive attitude to the diversity of life and a loving attitude towards people and cultures. We learn from mistakes and take them as an opportunity for continuous improvement.

Community Efforts

Liron's mission is to deliver the reliable lighting source through our community of connected distributors, installers, and end users.

Culture: Liron takes pride in fostering a corporate culture where people are treated with respect, are encouraged to grow, and ultimately, feel like they are growing personally and professionally.

Products: Our products should contribute demonstrably to an increased quality of life while conserving the scarce resources of our environment. Our products convince with easy specification and application, outstanding performance, easy installation, maintenance and resource-friendly disposal at end of life. Our products contribute to saving energy and scarce resources through high efficiency and long service lifetime.

Supplier: Our suppliers are important partners in innovation. With them we want to maintain long-term relationships based on trust and mutual success. With selected suppliers we want to form strategic partnerships to strengthen our competitive position and create lasting value for our customers.

For high performance and successful work, we offer challenging tasks, training opportunities and adequate remuneration.